How to take Care of your Labrador Retrievers

        Many people love to have a Labrador . This dog is friendly. Moreover, this dog is helpful. When you are planning to have a Labrador, you should learn how to care this dog. Yeah, you should care your dog properly if you want to see him grow well. At this time, I want to share about several tips how to care a Labrador. You should know that Labrador is is not a backyard dog. This lovable dog should be around his family. Do not leave him alone for too long. A bored and lonely Labrador will probably tarnish his good reputation. A lonely Labrador may chew, dig, or find other destructive activities for his energy.

        As we know that Labradors have good reputations. Some owners may think that they do not need training. That is a big fault. Without training, a Labrador puppy will quickly grow to be a very big and rowdy dog. All of Labradors need both physical and mental activities though they show some difference in their activity levels. A Labrador needs 30-minute walks, a game of fetch , or a romp at the dog park each day. These ways will help your Labrador burns his energy. Labrador Retrievers are hyperactive . They will exhaust by themselves. Depending on the condition of your dog, it is up to you to finish the training sessions. Labradors could take a train well. They often do well in obedience competitions.

         You should take a special care when you are owning a Labrador puppy. A puppy is not allowed to be taken for too long walks. A puppy needs to play for a few minutes. Don't allow your Labrador puppy run on very hard surfaces. He could play on had surface like pavement until at least 2 years old. He is allowed when his joints are fully formed. He can play with its one-inch jumps on grass.

        Look for a training class that uses positive training methods. It is better to choose a class that rewards the dog when getting something right than punishing him for making something wrong. At a puppy kindergarten, the trainers not only teach your puppy good canine manners, but also help him learn how to be happy around other animals and people.

        Labrador is mouthy. He will be very happy when he has somethingto carry in his mouth. A Labrador is also a chewer so you should keep sturdy toys. Do not forget to keep your Labrador in crate when you leave the house.


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